Monday, June 5, 2017

Public Comments for National Monuments

PUBLIC COMMENTS: This is THE most important action you can take to save 27 national monuments from mining, logging, drilling and other development. 

Public comments on the review of a National Monument designation are due by July 10.
Comments may be submitted by mail (postcard preferred due to security) or electronically.


Monument Review, MS-1530
U.S. Department of the Interior
1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240

* Please also send postcards to your Senators (addresses may be found HERE) and to your representative (addresses may be found HERE).

* If you have visited any of the monuments under review or have a connection to them, please address that particular monument. (HERE is a list of monuments under review). Department of Interior is looking for personal stories.

* If you do not have a connection to one of the specific monuments involved, personalize the following:

I am an avid user of public lands and visit national parks and monuments regularly. I hike, camp and photograph on these lands. I want them to remain protected as national monuments. 


Please prepare your comment in a document where you can save it. Once it is complete, submit your comment HERE and please also email it to your Senators (contact info HERE) and to your representative (contact info HERE).

WHAT TO SAY (Please Personalize):

* If you have visited any of the monuments under review or have a connection to them, please address that particular monument. (HERE is a list of monuments under review). Department of Interior is looking for personal stories. 

* I am an avid user of public lands. My family/partner/friends and I regularly visit our national parks and monuments. While visiting, I enjoy hiking the quiet trails, kayaking in pristine waterways, photographing wildlife and beautiful scenery and camping. These things would much more difficult if the 27 monuments at issue are opened up for development. These lands are too important culturally, ecologically and economically (for tourism value) to drill, mine or log.

* I am a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle. It is important to me that my children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews have wild places to roam as they grow older. I want them to be able to be in touch with nature, to have places to camp and explore. Our country is blessed with places of natural beauty. Previous administrations, from Teddy Roosevelt onward, have considered the importance of preserving our wild lands and acted accordingly. Please follow in their footsteps.

* National Monument designation often increases - NOT decreases - jobs in areas surrounding the land at issue. While it is true that mining, logging and drilling jobs may decrease, OVERALL jobs increase and the sectors of tourism and local healthcare grow significantly. For instance, after the Grand Staircase was made a National Monument, it experienced strong ecumenic growth in the surrounding counties. More people were visiting, spending money on lodging, food, entertainment, recreation and souvenirs. Indeed, four key economic indicators - population, employment, personal income and per capita income - all increased after Grand Staircase was designated as a National Monument. Despite the popular argument, national monument designation HELPS, and does not hurt, local economies. 

State by State Info HERE
Information on Specific Monuments HERE


 .@SecretaryZinke do NOT open our treasured public lands for more drilling, logging and mining! #MonumentsForAll

ALL Americans value #OurWild! National Monument Executive Order endangers them. #KeepItPublic .@SecretaryZinke

Executive order requiring "review" of national monuments endangers an industry worth billions .@SecretaryZinke

Transferring National Monument land to states ≠ not innocuous! Land could eventually be sold! .@SecretaryZinke

 PETITIONS: All petitions HERE.

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  1. Well. We need to discuss these actions about our national parks to benefit profit and damn few jobs that are temporary at best. As a mother, grandmother I fear for our kids future never to visit these parks and monuments. The Redwood's of California,Which stood and outlived all in many generation's and deserved to be left alone. They are the last Giants on Earth and for good reasons..For us to enjoy and be amazed at God's creation. The grand staircase for example needs to be preserved for that's one of our favorite places, and we frequently go camping in all our Beautiful parks. To teach our kids about life, all life and how is to be respected. For our animals and forests have lots to offer. Tourism for one and it seems to me that alone should give a clue as to how much they are used And enjoyed . Mining, fracking, and stripping of the land is NOT a viable option for jobs. We must protect these lands and water. Why do you seek to destroy for money. You can't eat it. And you can't eat mud either. So why take valued lands and desicrate it? For they provide much needed oxegen to the ecosystem in place. Homes for wildlife.Once again for a reason. Stop this IMMEDIATELY. Get some gumption and go with heart and not the pocket. Go with love not the greed. Because that's what it is. Instead invest in New and clean energy sources that we do have. Solar energy is what needs to happen. That would produce many long term jobs and Keep us in a clean,better world. To Keep it just like we found it for our future generations of life to come. Don't take our lands, water, and freedoms away for a choice few. We the people have voiced this, 85% overall. Don't you think it's tine to listen to us. ?? And not the Congress.. we are you. Your kids stand to lose as well.I just don't get it. Thank you concerned in Montana